Alternative treatment without the use of medication

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The special thing about a neuroreflexologist is that we have the whole body as a field of work, and use techniques as stimulation of points (eg ear, upper arm, thigh, back and underneath the foot.)

Neuroreflexology has its origins in reflexology, and the form of treatment has mainly been researched in Norway, and is therefore particularly well suited to meet the diseases / problems we find in our culture. Neuroreflexology also serves for preventive treatment.

Neuroreflexology is a form of physical therapy without the use of medication. Suitable for a baby with colic as well as for a grandfather with prostate problems.

Suitable for both acute injuries and chronic disorders. Can have a de-stressing and preventive effect. Has a positive effect by i.a. Musculoskeletal disorders.

A neuroreflexologist must have 2.5 years of education. (Medica Nova)


About me

My name is Mikael Paulonen, and I am registered in the Norwegian Brønnøysundregisteret for alternative treatment. I am a member of the neuroreflexology association which is approved by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. I have been helping people since 1998, and had an office in Åndalsnes in Norway since year 2000.


Mikael Paulonen

Feedback from costumers

I have been struggeling with a strech of my hamstring in a 2-years time, though after 1,5 years with needle treatment done by several physiotherapists, and paid over 15.000 NOK - still no results. After 3-4 treatments done by Atmasenteret I felt better and the hamstring is now all fixed, unbelieveable! Highly recommended.

Lasse Groven

I have a 12 year-old which in this time of year is struggeling badly with pollen allergy. The effects are so strong even his daily activities are rough to face, even with huge doses of medisin. This year we went to Atmasenteret for treatment. After the treatments, and still, my son is now happily playing outside and bicycling in the nice weather without struggles.

Liv Kari Øien Kroken

How I respond to COVID-19

As a treatment clinic, I follow all precautions and requirements to ensure the safety of my customers.